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女士们、先生们: 你们好!


From the 25th day of the
disappearance of lawyer Gao Zhisheng, we finally got the message: Gao Zhisheng
was escorted to Beijing, and his two supporters, Li Fa-wang and Shao Ju-guo,
were detained in the Shaanxi County Detention Center. After the disappearance
of Gao, his domestic supporters, (about 11 of them ) who were constantly warned
or summoned by the Chinese authorities.


To avoid more severe
pressures, most of them do not want to be exposed on internet, but they are
already been summoned or detained : Yang Hai, Gao Zhiyi, Shao heavy country, Li
Fawang, @ dragon, Zheng Bin (@ evil).


Shao zhongguo, was taken away
from his home on August 28. Li Fa-wan was taken away from his home on September
2rd. As today, the two have been hold in custody at the County Detention


We are highly concerned about
Gao Zhisheng, Li Fawang, Shao zhongguo, and will insist on asking, how’s their
real situation now? Who’s there to protect their two basic human rights: safety
and health?


Shao zhongguo is a dissident
who has been detained twice. The first time is on August 31, 2015, he was
detained for 10 days due to criticism Xi Jinping. The second is in May this
year, detained for another 10 days because of the open letter he wrote to Xi
Jinping. we are now worried that he will be sentenced or tortured. If it is the
case of CCP attention, then even lawyers can not see him.


Li Fa-wang is veterans and
human rights defenders, Participated in many of the events that promoted the
advancement of human rights. This time, Cginese gov charged him with
provocative; Li’s family has received a notice of detention. Recently, li’s
friend disclosed Li Fa-wang has a serious heart disease, high blood pressure
and diabetes that need to take insulin. But been locked away, there is no
condition for him to take insulin. Without insulin will result in
exacerbations, even the emergence of life threatening, who will then take the


Gao Zhisheng’s brother
inquired that Gao Zhisheng was escorted to Beijing. Gao were found missing on
August 13, nearly a month tile today, the authorities have never taken the
initiative to inform the family of any information about him. So far, there is
no direct evidence that can show that the Gao is still alive. There is also no
evidence that the Gao have not been tortured. So in fact, we did not know
anything abut the real situation of the Gao zhisheng.


在此,关注组只能简单描述,高智晟曾经受过的迫害,上文所述,仅是其中的重点部分。有一篇报导,记者真实尽责地说明了,高智晟刚出狱时的真实处境。现附上链接: ifjc.org/zh-han..%BB%91%E7%89%A2 …


We can only briefly describe
the persecution of Gao Zhisheng, as mentioned above, for more and detailed
report of Gao’s persecution, please check this link,.co/ZwOpLGyo6i


These facts left the
psychological trauma to who cares thoes people that can not be eliminated. Old
Chinese saying : Once been slaved, will never free. Its not an empty talk.
Those who are perpetrators are also victims. Otherwise, why do they claim that
they have touble sleep after Gao’s torture.


regardless of Gao Zhisheng
relatives and friends, Even if it is not for Gao Zhisheng safety and health, in
order not to increase the criminals in power, Chinese authorities should resume
Gao Zhisheng's communication with his family

, and show proves that Gao is
still alive.


Chinese authorities should
set Gao Zhisheng, Li Fawang, Shao hongguo free, they were innocent. In
particular, because Li Fa-wang suffers from a variety of serious diseases, the
authorities should have basic humanitarianism to protect Li's health rights.
During the period of limited freedom, the Chinese authorities have the
responsibility to provide three real medical reports of them, so that the
public knows their health status.


Gao Zhisheng was found
missing on August 17 this year, Gao Zhisheng‘s concern group has issued an open
letter to the international community, human rights organizations for help.
Because of the harsh human rights situation in China, we have expressed our
concern about the safety of Gao Zhisheng and the harsh situation of the future,
also cited the fact that a series of political prisoners were persecuted. The
concern group has been uninterrupted to remind the human rights organization,
please pay attention to Gao Zhisheng's disappearance, and his possible
situation In the past twenty days on the Chinese Twitter. Today, we reaffirm
the following facts to the international community:


Peng Ming died in prison, the
organ was excavated; Liumao Zhang died in Detention Center; Xiaobo Liu, Qi
Huan, Tianshui Yang died suffering in persion brcause of serious illness, also
not allowed for treatment or medical treatment. Guo Feixiong, Tang Jingling,
Wang Yiming, Wang Bingzhang, Zhang Haitao, etc., they are all sick in prison
without treatment. Guo Feixiong even refused to eat for more than 100 days to
protest for the basic right last year in prison. We are worried about similar
experience will happen on Gao Zhisheng, Li Fawang, Shao zhongguo.


Therefore, we once again call
on the international community and human rights organizations to urgently pay
attention to Gao Zhisheng, Li Fawang and Shao Chongguo to urge the Chinese
authorities to treat Gao Zhisheng and his supporters with basic right, and urge
the Chinese authorities to protect their three lives and the right to health,
for example: prioved enough food, Have plenty of sleep and physical activity,
do not fatigue trial, do not force labor, life is not threatened and deprived,
health is not infringed, not killed, disabled, not forced to take medicine and
so on. To avoid the above-mentioned similar tragedies happen on them too.


Concern group strongly call
on: human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights
Watch, embassies in China, social groups NGO, justice media, conscience
individuals: First, to give public letters or video speech on Gao Zhisheng, Li
Chong-wang, Shao zhongguo’s case, and willing to protect their minimum human
rights, urging the Chinese authorities to treat them well. Issued a public
statement, clearly asked the Chinese authorities to give evidence to prove that
Gao Zhisheng is still alive, that Gao Zhisheng not tortured or abused, his
right to life, health rights have not been infringed.



If there is no response, the
politicians should referring Gao Zhisheng's case in the meeting with the
Chinese leaders, , ask China to give a direct evidence of Gao’s condition.
Human rights organizations should publish a list of people who persecute Gao


Thank you for your efforts to
promote the progress of human rights in China. We recognize the value of this


高智晟关注组 哎乌执笔

Gao Zhisheng’s Concern Group

Ai Woo write


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